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Welcome to Tricorn Publications. We provide you with FREE copies of the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and other important historical documents in various e-book formats.

At Tricorn Publications, we believe that it is important to read and understand the works of our Founding Fathers. We believe that it is the right of everyone, everywhere, to have access to these documents and we hope to continue providing them for you free of charge.

Proclaim Liberty throughout the Land!

Many of our "books" have been optimized for ebook-readers. Where multiple formats exist, you can click the appropriate link and download the e-book. For premium content, we provide you with links to our e-books at Amazon.

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Tricorn Publications was founded in 2005 by author Mickey Maguire. We believe that people can only remain FREE when they are informed. That's why you can download all of these great historical works for your electronic book readers at no cost to you. Our books are optimized for your
e-book reading experience.