DSLR MAG is a new web-based magazine (E-Zine) dedicated to Digital SLR cameras and photographic techniques used by professional photographers.

Professional photographers and photo enthusiasts collect multitudes of tips and tricks over years of shooting. Most of the techniques used in film photography can be applied to digital cameras with no modification. Where there are differences, we hope to give you that information to help you get past the learning curve and get up to speed in as little time as possible. Then you can concentrate on the things that make winning images, like composition, exposure, and drama. We'd like to help you prepare for that once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity so that, when it comes, you won't miss it.

We might feature reviews of SLRs and camera features, but, our focus is on taking great pictures. We won't write about point & shoot cameras, enough people are already doing that. You might see some hands-on reviews, but, most of that information will be geared toward getting the most from your camera and lenses and how your choice of gear will be guided by what you'd like to shoot.

We look forward to reading your comments and ideas, too.

-- Mickey Maguire, editor

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