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4 Types of Supply Stores That Cater to Restaurants

A lot goes into the day to day affairs of running a restaurant. It’s relatively easy to get overwhelmed with all the daily tasks. This is especially true for first-time restaurant owners with no prior knowledge. The truth is that to operate a restaurant, you need to know where to get your tools, foodstuff, drinks, and other essential items.

However, the bigger problem is not finding suppliers. The challenge is finding suppliers who’ll provide viable equipment, fresh and healthy foodstuff, and drinks at reasonable prices. That being said, this article will highlight four types of supply stores that cater to restaurants.

1. Equipment Supply Stores


Every restaurant has certain specific tools and equipment they need to work with. Thankfully, there are various equipment supply stores for restauranteurs to pick from. The thing is, you need to be able to find suppliers who can give you quality equipment at affordable prices and exactly what you ask for. They should also be able to supply the right tools without any hassle. The Restaurant Warehouse is one such supply store that has their customers at heart.

Although it’s a Seattle restaurant store, they ship all over the USA. Moreover, if you barely have time to compare prices and models of the required machines, they can be of service too. A simple phone call or email detailing your requirements will allow them to help you no end. As they offer a wide range of products for different types of restaurants, you’re sure to find something suitable without much stress.

2. Food Supply Stores


What is a restaurant without its food? You’ll certainly agree that above all things, restaurants exist to serve food. All other things are secondary. For the most part, most restaurants usually have a vast menu, with many meals comprising of different ingredients. This includes anything from dry legumes, spices, and herbs to fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. To that effect, you should have a number of dependable suppliers who are hygienic, sell healthy and organic materials, and supplies fresh produce at affordable rates. Here’s a useful tip, be sure only to get the quantity you need periodically to avoid waste.

3. Alcohol Supply Stores


Sure, serving food is the central reason most restaurants are established. However, it’s worth noting that most of the income revenue for restaurants is sourced from the sale of alcohol. In other words, the profit margin for alcoholic beverages is pretty high. However, to make a profit, it’s best to work with a reliable supplier that has a wide range of drinks to choose from.

Whether you’re purchasing drinks online or in-store, opt for a supplier with variety. You should be able to get some beer, tonics, spirits, wine, and others. It would be even better if your supplier had enough stock. This way, you can purchase goods in larger volumes, to cut costs and increase your profit margins.

4. Meat Supply Stores


Meat is one thing that can go bad in the blink of an eye. A few hours of power failure or lousy storage conditions can leave your refrigerator in a bad situation. It’s even worse when you don’t have a good supplier. Thankfully, many meat supply stores cater to restaurants and have a wide variety of meat to choose from.

Altogether, you need to make sure your supplier can meet your demands and provide fresh and ethically sourced meat. That being said, at the end of the day, one major factor is the price. It should be affordable enough to keep your head above the water, even when you buy in bulk.