Easy Ways to Improve Your Self-Confidence

The road to improving your self-confidence is rich with moments of self-discovery and an overriding sense of joy as you gradually reinvent yourself. Many different forces can result in you turning inwards and recognizing with brutal honesty that the self you’re walking through life with is not on par with the self you believe you can be. It takes a lot of strength and courage to improve your self-confidence, but what waits for you on the other side is a beautiful, fruitful life that you never imagined possible.

Where to begin? How do you wind up at the destination where you’re effortlessly rocking those dreamy jeggings for women? How do you walk into a room and turn heads because your aura is shining so bright that everyone can’t help but appreciate your radiant inner glow? How do you go about fearlessly meeting a sugar daddy for the first time? Well, we’ve got some handy, easy ways that you can improve your self-confidence.

Get out of your comfort zone.

We live in a society that conditions us to be as comfortable as we possibly can be at pretty much all moments. This results in so many of us developing anxiety over trivialities that we’d otherwise gracefully muddle through if we tested our outer limits more frequently. The first easy way you’re going to grow your self-confidence is to experiment with doing at least one thing every day that brings you discomfort.

This could be something as simple as trying out cold showers. In fact, cold showers have received widespread praise for helping folks overcome gnarly bouts of anxiety. Or maybe you can experiment with making small talk with folks working at your local coffee shop or watering hole, if you suffer from social anxiety. The first go-around might feel all kinds of overwhelming, but you’ll be shocked at how quickly you can calm your mind and conquer that fear that once crippled you.

Positive Visualization

Our minds are beautiful instruments when we use them, but they can end up being absolute torture devices if they use us. You can get caught up in a vicious cycle of negative self-talk quickly, and sometimes without even realizing it because you grow so accustomed to expecting the worst from yourself.

Try out setting aside 5-10 minutes of your day to sit and visualize every obligation you have plotted out in your day going just as you intend it to. The power of positive thinking is a magical thing. You’ll tap into a part of your psyche through this process of positive visualization, and unleash an inner power that’ll provide you a welcomed wave of confidence in the face of life’s various curveballs.


As we’re all well aware of at this point, exercise provides a wealth of life-enhancing benefits. With just a little bit of exercise every day, you’ll organically cultivate good vibes and literally douse your brain in a cheery bath of endorphins. Those endorphins have an uncanny knack for boosting your self-confidence.

When your body feels good, it’s just easier to meet the world with confidence. You don’t have to get crazy with the workouts either. You can start by taking little strolls around the neighborhood, or experiment with online yoga classes, and see where things grow from there. You’ll be shocked at how quickly your body adapts to the new routine. Exercise really is one of those surefire ways for how to be more comfortable with your body.


Maybe you find yourself in the middle of a terrible spell of anxiety. It feels like the whole world’s caving in on you, and from that claustrophobia can stem terrible ripples of self judgement. This is not the way to go. It’s crucial for you to meet that anxiety or bout of depression with nothing but love and compassion. Look at anxiety like it’s a friend that’s temporarily taken up residence in your brain, and it needs all the reassuring that it can get. Just reframing like this can work wonders for reducing the nasty effects of anxiety.

We’ve covered a handful of easy ways you can proactively improve your self-confidence. All that matters on this beautiful journey of self growth in front of you is that you exercise patience and understanding with yourself. It can be hard to not get caught up in wanting instant improvement right off the bat. As with all matters in life, you’ve got to give those seeds of positivity that you’ve planted time to grow. Above all else, keep the faith and remember that you’ve got this, one moment at a time.