How To Find Help for Common Household Repairs

Once you realize that certain areas of your home need urgent repairs, first make a list of the work that needs to be done. A precise list will help you figure out what repairs you need and what needs an overhaul reconstruction. Besides helping you come up with a budget, having a list will also guide you on what services you’ll need. Knowing the kind of services you need will offer guidance on the type of technician you’ll need, such as a contractor versus a handyman.

Once you have your list ready, here’s where to look for the best home repair services.

Seek referrals from people you trust.


Word of mouth referrals from people you trust is one of the fastest and best ways to find a great service company. If you have a neighbor or family member who recently had some electrical problems, ask them about the quality of service they received from the residential electrician they worked with. It’s best to consider a referral from someone who had electrical work similar to what you need to be done.

Also, find out if the technician they’re recommending is a licensed electrician. Licenses are a requirement and are offered by the local state’s electrical licensing board. Hiring a licensed electrician is also a great way to tell that you’re working with a qualified electrician.

Lastly, find out the experience level of the electrical contractor they’re recommending. For instance, did the technicians seem like apprentices, journey workers, or master electricians? Master electricians have the most experience out of these three groups.

Read reliable online review websites.


Reading online reviews left by past customers can also offer insight into a certain repair technician. A lot of great customer review sites exist today, and these can help you get reliable home repair reviews and references. Angie’s List is one of the best ways to generate leads for a home service professional.

Their reviews come from actual homeowners and home service companies can’t pay the site to receive a higher rating. They also can’t rate themselves. Other online review sites to consider include Yelp, Houzz, and HomeAdvisor.

Consider their area of expertise and years of experience.


If you’re looking to hire an appliance repair company, ask them what type of experience they have in dealing with kitchen appliances. This will let you know if the repair technicians have experience working on the brand of appliance you’re having issues with.

This is important information to have because an appliance repair business may have great experience working with a certain brand name, but you need them to have experience working on the specific type of appliance in need of repair. For instance, if you have a Viking product—cooktop, oven, refrigerator—in need of repair, consider an appliance service that has years of experience in Viking appliance repair.

Besides having the requisite replacement parts or appliance parts that other repair brand repair technicians may not have access to, they’ll also be able to offer great service by diagnosing the appliance problem within a short time.

Narrow down your options.


A great way to narrow down your options is by comparing cost estimates among at least three different contractors. If you’re looking for a window replacement service, for instance, schedule a service call with the company and inquire if the estimates are free. This will be a good way to avoid surprise charges before any of the repair work even begins.

Once you’ve settled on a contractor, ask for a contract outlining all the agreed-upon terms. Your contract should have information on the total repair cost and the payment plan, so if there’s a clause or jargon that doesn’t seem clear to you, seek clarification before signing the contract.