How to Make Any Move a Success

Moving offers up a challenging time, even for those with plenty of experience in packing up under their belts. A move is the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself and the space that you call home. But first, you need to streamline the move out process in order to make the most of your new life. Piecing together the perfect moving experience takes a bit of practice, of course, but with the right information and a strategy for making this transition seamlessly, you can actually enjoy the move rather than dreading it.

Consider your new location first.


One of the first things that must be done as you prepare for a move is the consideration of the new town or area that you will be calling home. Choosing the perfect place to land after a move is the first step to the entire process. This means taking stock of your finances (made simpler with the help of a savings goal calculator), as well as your priorities list for the new space.

Selecting an apartment or house that fits your budget while also giving you the amenities and inclusions that you’re looking for can be a challenging search. It’s best to begin early and remain realistic about your expectations while refraining from too much compromise on the things that truly are priorities.

While renters can shift their homes again at the end of a lease term, the thought of moving this often is typically not a sentiment that many relish. Once the college years are done with, most of us are looking for a long term rental or purchasing opportunity that will see life settle into a comfortable and happy routine with as little disruption as possible. As a result, homeowners tend to remain in their homes for nearly fourteen years.

Many people on the hunt for a new home begin by listing out the amenities they’d like to see in the property. Maybe you’re tired of washing your dishes by hand and need a dishwasher. Perhaps you’re looking for a fantastic backyard space as a result of stifling indoor-only living through the coronavirus pandemic, or maybe you are completely happy with the type of home you live in now but need to relocate across the country for work.

In many instances, sifting through furnished apartments in Charleston, SC, New York City, or Seattle can get you closer to the best of both worlds. A furnished apartment gives you the freedom to move again if you need to for work or preference. A furnished rental also comes with extra, included amenities. For example, many buildings maintain pools, gyms, and front desk staff for security and luxury combined into one great package.

Whatever the reason for your move, take stock of the things you enjoy about your current home and note the drawbacks so that you can create a comprehensive list of musts for this new property.

Plan the financial aspects of your move.


Moving is expensive. Whether you’re putting down a deposit on a new rental property or as much money as you have saved up in a savings account for the down payment on your first home and mortgage, planning the finances with time to spare is the best way to ensure that you won’t ruin yourself in the process.

Moving into your own home is particularly labor and capital intensive. Many new homeowners have to extend their savings account even further to pay a contractor to install a new roof and other professionals for additional renovation work. Seeking out roofing experts in the Portland, OR area is a common consideration for new homeowners in the city and beyond.

The average roof lasts about 20 years before requiring a roof replacement, but this can be shortened by the significant rain and wind that Oregonians experience, and by many other weather-determined factors. Understanding the additional requirements that will be asked of you as a homeowner is crucial to making this move one that you will look back on fondly.

Hire a moving company to put it all together.


Those moving across the country or out of homes with a lot of furniture and family belongings will benefit greatly from the addition of moving professionals. Movers are often a cost effective way to reduce the overall stress that moving can infuse into the daily life of a homeowner or renter. As you prepare for this transition, a moving company can supply you with the boxes, tape, and other necessities that will kick your move into high gear.

Packing and transporting all your belongings without help is the best way to slow down the move, potentially hurt yourself, and introduce immense strain on your body and mind. Removing the transportation element gives you the freedom to focus on the trip itself and the excitement of a new home.

Putting together the perfect move takes time and energy. Approaching it with a plan for success is the best way to quickly and painlessly take up your new residence.