How To Save Energy and Keep Your AC Unit Running Efficiently

Energy efficiency is something that we have all heard of, yet maintaining high-quality energy efficiency in your home can be difficult at the best of times. This is because many homeowners don’t realize the immense importance of a well-rounded maintenance routine that hits all elements of the home. Energy efficiency starts with the flow of electricity into your property, but it takes on many different forms as you traverse the home and begin to identify places in which waste can easily occur.

With these tips, making energy efficiency something that is always highly prioritized and protected in your home can be a lot easier.

Ensure quality maintenance on the air conditioner throughout the year.


Air conditioning units (including the thermostat, HVAC components, air filter, ductwork, and evaporator coil) require routine maintenance in order to function at peak performance. An air conditioner or HVAC system that hasn’t seen a technician visit in over a year is one that’s in danger of a significant failure in the coming future. This can spell disaster for you and your family because it can be costly to fix. Routine scheduled maintenance is different, however. In order to save energy and keep your AC unit running efficiently, it’s important to schedule intermittent visits with your local AC repair technician. These services are often inexpensive—especially in comparison to the price of a new AC unit after a breakdown—and will keep your unit running for many years without hiccups.

Air conditioners last anywhere from 15 to 20 years on average, but homeowners who don’t prioritize repair and maintenance throughout the lifetime of their system are at risk of a dramatically shortened period of usage. It’s just plain essential to prioritize fixes, maintenance, and cleaning of debris throughout the years.

Repair or replace windows.


Window replacements are another essential when working to save on energy costs throughout the year. Working in tandem with the AC unit, your windows, and other amenities and systems within the home help to keep heated or cooled air within the home rather than allowing it to pass into the exterior space. Heating just the inside spaces of the property is a great way to keep energy costs affordable during the long winters, but this is also crucial for homeowners who are hoping to extend the life of their air conditioners as well. When the AC unit has to work overtime to heat or cool the interior air, it quickly deteriorates and can lose effectiveness over the long term. This means faster breakdown events and more visits from the AC repair technician.

Keeping your costs low is all about managing the unit itself and the external factors that put undue pressure on the air conditioner.

Highlight the roof for repair work.


Just like the windows, an old, leaky roof can play a serious role in the breakdown of your air conditioner. The roof needs at least two cleanings per year, and a new roof is often required after around 20 or 25 years in service. Maintaining the roof is something that all homeowners will have to grapple with, because a replacement isn’t cheap, but the work to keep the roof in a healthy condition can be labor-intensive, depending on where you live and the foliage that surrounds your property. Many homeowners opt to hire a roof-cleaning service in order to conduct this essential task on a routine schedule. This is a great way for older homeowners to get the service they need as well.

With these areas brought into focus around your home, keeping up with energy efficiency needs and a busy schedule can be made much easier for you and your family.