Perfect Activities for Couples Based on Their Zodiac Signs

When you think of astrology and relationships, you’re far more likely to ponder Virgo and Libra compatibility, or a similar combination, than you are the intricacies of astrological elements. Yet, the four elements of fire (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius), earth (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn), air (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius), and water (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) offer unprecedented insight into not just each zodiac sign but also their relationship compatibility, including how each couple can best spend their time together.

Fire and Fire


Two fire signs manage to not only light a spark at the start of their relationship but maintain that fire over time. This couple will love adventurous activities that allow them to utilize their abundant energy.

Fire and Earth


This pragmatic couple strikes a balance between the fire sign’s energy and the earth’s stability. Their ideal activities will include the same sense of equilibrium, uniting excitement and cautious control in one conjoined space.

Fire and Air


These opposing signs may be surprised by just how compatible they can be. This love match shares an intense physical and emotional connection, which can be fostered by the right activities. Consider a connection-focused date night, like sultry dance lessons, to allow your natural compatibility to burn brighter.

Fire and Water


The natural elements of fire and water may not suit one another, but these astrological elements can craft a relationship based on a lifelong friendship. This pair thrives in their emotions, making an equally emotional activity a perfect fit.

Earth and Earth


Two earth signs will be introverted yet unflinchingly loyal to those they trust, including one another. That trust will serve them well as they strive for the lofty goals characteristic of earth signs, especially when these are goals they share.

Earth and Air


Remember that pairing of Virgo and Libra? They fall into this combination, uniting the elements of earth and air. Earth and air signs are inherently compatible, just as oxygen fuels a flame, and the couple is no different. This couple does best with communication and compromise, so their perfect activities will play upon these essential skills.

Earth and Water


A water sign’s intense emotions offer an ideal balance to an earth sign’s natural sense of stability. Together, water can lift earth up from the ground with a wave of feeling while earth can keep water from flowing too far from the source. The best activities for these two will let them use this natural ebb and flow to strengthen their bond, letting their different approaches work together for a common goal.

Air and Air


Two air signs make for couples who love nothing more than meeting new people and embracing their inner social butterflies. So, it’s no surprise that air signs will look for plenty of social, communicative activities they can share with their partner!

Air and Water


Water and air can clash over their emotions and intellect, respectively. However, this contrast can serve them well by balancing one another, much like the concepts of yin and yang. This couple can find their own chi in an activity that uses the same balance of mind and heart, allowing them to use their own strength as well as their partner’s.

Water and Water


Two water signs mean this couple is consistently drowning in emotion, meaning they must learn to communicate their emotions to one another. They’ll find that their favorite date night activities take an opposite approach, offering an intellectual outlet for these internal emotions.

Like all things in the zodiac, elemental compatibility isn’t the end-all, be-all of a relationship. However, it’s hard to deny that understanding the pairing of two astrological elements can help foster a healthy, happy relationship.