3 Ideas for Your Child’s Birthday

Birthdays are special occasions. Birthdays are especially significant milestones for children, and it’s common for parents to host parties for their kids.

Planning a birthday party can be fun, but these celebrations can also be time-consuming, expensive, and stressful. In 2017, a study revealed $400 was the average cost of a child’s birthday party. These parties can also be a source of competition between parents and children. You can prevent costs from skyrocketing and make your child’s party unique and memorable by using these planning ideas.

1. You can offset the party’s cost with smart savings and planning.

Combine your child’s birthday party plans with other expenses. For example, if your child has a summer birthday, you could invest in a family pool and plan a pool party. You could also opt to purchase a trampoline or other fun games your family will use after your child’s party.

Research tips for saving on electricity to reduce your monthly expenses and save the money you need for your child’s party. Choosing the most cost-effective electricity provider is one way to conserve energy costs. Choose Energy Star appliances when you need a new refrigerator or stove. Run your washer and dishwasher when they’re full. You can also reduce your air conditioning bill by scheduling routine HVAC maintenance, replacing old filters, and cleaning the air ducts. Turning your thermostat up a few degrees in the summer will also help you save money, and you can expand your HVAC system savings by installing a programmable thermostat. Keep your home a few degrees cooler than usual during the day in the winter months when your house is empty, and keep your house a few degrees warmer than usual when your house is empty during the summer to reduce your electric bill. Placing insulation around your water heater will prevent heat loss and is another way to cut down on your energy costs.

2. Professional entertainers can help reduce your stress on the big day.

You might be able to lead all the activities for your child when they’re a baby, but once they get a little bit older and have more friends attending parties, you’ll need help. Fortunately, there are children’s party professionals who can entertain the kids and reduce some of your stress on the day of the party.

Google “clowns in Brooklyn” to find a children’s party company specializing in birthday events and that offers a range of services. You can hire clowns to lead activities and entertain your child and their guests. You can also supplement the clowns with a magic show, carnival, or inflatable bouncer. The carnival features carnival games, such as ring toss and frog flip. If you want an extravagant party, you can book a carnival and circus party, including a clown who makes balloon animals and does face painting. You can also add a dunk tank rental to your party plans, and let the kids try to dunk each other or some parent volunteers.

When entertainers and activities engage the kids, you can set out food, remove the garbage, direct guests to the bathroom, and have your hands free to address any other needs that arise.

3. Having a safety strategy in place will reduce your stress.

Approximately eight percent of American children are affected by food allergies. Children with food allergies may have trouble breathing or break out in hives. For some people, food allergies are life-threatening. Protect your guests by getting parents to fill out an online form before the party confirming whether they have food allergies or other dietary concerns, such as diabetes, to ensure you plan a menu suitable for all your guests or have safe alternatives.

Greet all your guests, and talk to parents if they aren’t staying on-site during the party. Keep a clipboard handy, and record emergency contact information. You can also create a way for your guests to identify party chaperones if they need help. For example, if you’ve rented an ice skating rink for your child’s party, you could ask each chaperone to wear a black sweater, so children know who they can approach if they need help.

With some cost-saving measures and smart planning, you can keep your child’s party costs from spiraling out of control. Hiring children’s party professionals will keep you from feeling overwhelmed and ensure your party features excellent age-appropriate entertainment. You can also reduce your stress by implementing some safety measures to protect your guests during the party.