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Road Trip Ideas After Lockdown

Some of us are currently experiencing the worst case of cabin fever we’ve ever had because we’re home all the time and trying to stay safe, but for those who usually love to travel and explore, this lockdown is particularly frustrating. We all want to do everything we can to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, but right now, the best strategy is to hunker down and wait for the vaccine to be administered to as many people as possible.

Still, for a moment, just imagine: the lockdown is over, quarantine is lifted, and the COVID-19 pandemic is finally under control. Where would you go first? Who would you see? The possibilities for a road trip after the pandemic are endless, but here are just a few suggested road trips to take once it’s declared safe to do so.

Take a visit to the Grand Canyon.


Located in northern Arizona, the Grand Canyon is an absolutely breathtaking sight that you must see in person. The vast canyon provides gorgeous views, several hiking opportunities, and so much more. A fun way to travel to the canyon might be to purchase or rent an RV. You can include more family members this way, and you get quality time with them after being separated for so long. Make sure to get the best RV extended warranty so that you’re protected along the way there and back. While you’re at the Grand Canyon, consider making a side stop in Sedona to see the vivid red rock landscape.

Plan a trip to Walt Disney World.


While many think Disney World is just a trip for the kids, the fact is that the parks provide endless opportunities for adults as well. Visiting Disney World after a draining pandemic might just be the thing your family needs to get out of a funk.

Seeing Cinderella’s Castle in the distance is almost enough to distract you from your real-world troubles. Take a tour around the world, and experience Japan, Mexico, Norway, France, and many more countries inside Epcot. If you’re a huge Star Wars fan, then you’ll love the experience of Galaxy’s Edge, which immerses you in the Star Wars universe inside of Hollywood Studios. Animal Kingdom gives you a chance to see animals from all over the world, and check out some cool rides like the Everest roller coaster and Flight of Passage, a ride inspired by the movie Avatar.

Pick a place for a beach vacation.


After this long, dark period in history where we only get news about loved ones from social media or the church bulletin, then it might be a great idea to visit the beach. Studies show that spending time near water can help your overall mental health and can even help lower your heart rate in some cases. Depending on the type of vacation you want, you can choose from many different types of beaches like these.

  • St. George Island, FL: This island, located close to the edge of the Florida panhandle, is a great destination if you’re looking for a quieter beach week and a more relaxing atmosphere. They only allow beach houses and small construction projects, so your view of the Gulf of Mexico should be fairly unobstructed no matter where you rent a house on the island.
  • Miami Beach, FL: Looking for something that has more of a tourist vibe and has a myriad of things to do? Check out the Miami beaches. They have many different options from the trendy Art Deco South Beach to Lummus Park.
  • Outer Banks, NC: There are more than 100 miles of beaches to enjoy in this area of North Carolina. Head to Hatteras Island for enjoyable boating conditions, or go to Kitty Hawk to try out your luck at surfing the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

No matter where you end up road tripping after lockdown ends, make sure to cherish the time spent with family and loved ones. Hopefully, this trip will be a source of healing for everyone involved.