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5 Chic Ways to Upgrade Your Nighttime Routine

Having the right nighttime routine is important because it directly impacts how quickly you fall asleep, as well as how well you sleep, and how you feel when you get up the next morning. There is a great deal of ongoing research into how to improve your sleeping habits due to the many effects it has on your overall health and quality of life.

Here are five chic ways to upgrade your nighttime routine to boost your sleep quality and improve its effect on your life.


1. Buy comfortable nighttime apparel

You’ve probably been told that it is best to use pajamas for nightwear, as sleeping in day clothes confuses your mind and is disruptive to your sleep. However, not all pajamas are useful in this regard. To upgrade your routine and improve your comfort and ability to fall asleep, choose Soma intimates for your night clothing. Soma makes a full line of nightwear for women and are designed with their comfort and their bodies in mind. Soma intimates nightwear will allow you to be calm and comfortable while also feeling good about how you look. Even if it is just for bedtime, feeling good about the way you look will put you in a better mental state.


2. Use a white noise machine

white noise machine provides soft background ambience to help you block out any disruptive noises that would disturb your slumber. While many people keep a fan running in their bedroom for the gentle, low humming sound it makes, a white noise machine is far more chic and versatile. You can adjust the types of noises you hear and the volume to suit your individual tastes. White noise can also help decrease your overall stress by assisting you in calming your thoughts while you are preparing for bed. You can also use it all year around, as you would likely be less inclined to use a cooling fan, on the cold winter nights!


3. Apply CBD oil lotion

CBD oil has been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety, whilst promoting relaxation and sleep. CBD oil lotion can be added as part of your nighttime beauty routine, nourishing your skin while also improving your sleep. CBD is a cannabinoid that comes from the cannabis plant family, and has been proven effective in reducing joint pain and inflammation. The Sera Labs produces CBD lotions and products from organically grown hemp plants. They have gone beyond the basic requirements of the industry to ensure the products they sell are the highest quality and free from any THC (the compound that gives marijuana it’s ‘high,’) as well as ensuring it is devoid of all possible metals, and toxins. Using CBD oil lotion every night before you go to bed will provide immediate and long-term comfort and pain relief.


4. Cool your room down and invest in a weighted blanket

Research shows that people sleep better when their place is slightly cooler than room temperature. Cooling your space allows you to use a heavier or thick blanket without getting too hot. If you are going to invest in a heavy, high-quality blanket, you should invest in a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets have been proven to promote better sleep by reducing anxiety while you try to settle down for the night. Too often, people are kept awake by uncontrollable anxious thoughts, but a weighted blanket will put that problem to bed.


5. Take a warm bath

Taking a warm bath will relax your body and your mind, thus putting you in the perfect state to fall asleep quickly. Adding some lavender essential oil to your bath will also help ease you into a relaxed state while also softening your skin and making you feel luxurious. If you are sore from a long day, add some Epson salt to loosen your muscles. When you get out of the warm bath, apply your CBD oil lotion, and get into your Soma intimates pajamas before slipping under your weighted blanket and letting your white noise machine lull you to sleep.