Vacation Home Ideas To Create Lasting Memories

When you invest in a vacation home, you are really investing in the time you want to spend with your loved ones. You’re investing in an opportunity to reconnect, getting away from using electronics, and trying new things. While you can’t force your loved ones to have fun, get along, and have lasting memories, you can take steps to lay the right foundation. By making a few simple decisions, you can create an environment and experience that is ideal for lasting memories, and then step back and enjoy yourself.

Buy a memorable vacation home.


While this might seem like common sense, to save money, many people will buy a “fixer-upper” vacation home, thinking they can quickly and easily turn it into the vacation home of their dreams. What happens is that your vacations turn into work weekends, and the enthusiasm to getaway diminishes because you don’t want to spend your vacation working more. For the amount of money you will spend on renovations and loss time, you can spend a little more for a vacation home that is already a dream.

Ashe County Real Estate works with buyers from all over the country to match them with their perfect vacation in the mountains and valleys of North Carolina. They focus on mountain land and log homes for people who want to spend their vacations getting back to nature, hiking, fishing, and relaxing on their porch admiring the beauty. Blowing Rock real estate is filled with log homes that could easily become your dream vacation home.

Have a Plan


While sometimes the greatest memories come from the unplanned moments, going into a vacation with at least a loose plan will prevent your family from sitting around, stating they are bored. Set aside time to go hiking, fishing, bike riding, or other outdoor activities. Plan family meals cooked over a fire and bring the supplies for smores at night. Or sit around the fire playing music and telling stories.

Having a plan will lay the foundation for a memorable vacation home experience. Being flexible if the plan changes is also essential. If you decide to go hiking, but it starts raining, and you all stay in playing board games, that’s OK. It might turn into the most fun you have while on vacation.

Take Photos


Take plenty of photos. When the kids are older or you’re celebrating an anniversary with your significant other, you’ll cherish those photos and the memories they bring up. Meet IBI is a cloud-based photo sharing platform that will allow you to share those photos and memories with others. You can utilize the mobile app to create a photo album from your vacation or create a digital shared album with a select group of people. Photos tell a story and keep it alive long past when the people involved can remember. It will also leave a story for future generations. Meet IBI also keeps the photos safe and allows for unlimited storage, so you do not have to worry about needing to delete photos or if they get damaged or corrupted.

Create an ongoing legacy.


Choose an activity or craft to do every year at your vacation home to create an ongoing legacy for your family. For example, you can keep a vacation journal and have each family member write their favorite vacation memory in it each year. You can create a memory quilt, scrapbook, or wall hanging that you add to each year with something that symbolizes the new year. Creating it should be something you can do as a family. Make it something that can be passed on within the family and bring back positive memories.