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Why It’s Important to Change or Increase Your Supplements as You Age

Let’s face it. When we’re younger, we take our health for granted. We eat what we want. We stay up as late as we want with minimal rest. We even sometimes take in substances that aren’t good for our bodies.

However, with age comes wisdom and a greater focus on ourselves and maintaining proper daily habits to prevent medical conditions or a health problem later in life.

Phytage Laboratories, a leading producer of natural supplements, recognizes the need to adjust our intake as we age to help the body maintain balance and curb symptoms like inflammation and aching that affect us later in life.


Vitamins for a Certain Age

As we get older, there is a need for supplements that are designed to pick up the slack and keep our bodies regular. Vitamins A, B, C, D, along with minerals like calcium and magnesium, are recommended for patients older than 60 years old. Many doctors will recommend a simple multivitamin at an earlier age, depending on individual results from blood tests and yearly physicals.

However, there are specific supplements designed to attack certain ailments that are commonly associated with the aging process.

For example, prostate health in men is put to the forefront at the age of 50. Prostate 911 from Phytage Labs uses a blend of all-natural ingredients that helps to alleviate prostate symptoms ranging from issues with energy to improving sex drive. This supplement relies on pumpkin seed and nettle root commonly found to aid in prostate size and irrigation.

Health supplements for women of a certain age tend to focus on brittle bones as issues develop with arthritis and osteoporosis later in life.

Turmeric, vitamin D3, and vitamin K2 are among those recommended to reduce inflammation while promoting greater circulation of the bloodstream. This can lead to positive results in the treatment of any health problem related to the skeletal system.

Daily Recommended Doses

Comprehensive clinical case studies have shown that alleviating inflammation, reducing blood pressure, and building immunity is important things to consider in building a daily regimen.

Experts recommend multivitamins that include minerals like zinc, iron, and magnesium, making certain that the efficacy of these ingredients works in perpetuity with a proper diet and exercise. Supplements have designed to utilize all-natural ingredients that are rich in those supplemental products and minerals, while also sometimes devoting to a specific medical condition.

Consider wanting to focus on nerve control to combat arthritic pain and inflammation. A supplement rich in ingredients like marshmallow root and prickly pear extract can restore damaged nerve tissue and relieve pain. This provides a safer alternative with fewer side effects than a prescription of any medication.


Looking Good and Feeling Good

With the proper balance of a supplementation program and a greater focus on health care, you will see gradual improvement over time of symptoms that may have been inhibiting you.

Searching for shops near me for a fresh new look may be easier thanks to a supplement designed for nerve control, and confidence can be boosted by a supplement utilizing ingredients like chromium, that encourage the fast repair of cells by promoting easier metabolic processes and helping the body to build muscle and burn fat.

Along with greater stabilization of our internal systems, supplements are also designed to benefit our largest organ: the skin. Skincare supplements rich in vitamins C, E, and K are shown to better protect the body from harmful UV damage that causes wrinkles, dark spots, and redness.

It is important to check the product label on any supplement to make sure you are getting the proper balance of vitamins and minerals, without overdoing the dosage for you personally.