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A Checklist for Throwing a Big Birthday Bash at Home

It’s your party… so throw it how you want to! Your birthday is truly a time for celebration: you’re growing into a wiser, stronger, and better version of yourself. It’s certainly an occasion that deserves a few cheers. If you’re wary about going out for your birthday, the good news is that you can throw a birthday bash right in the comfort of your own home.

Need a few tips on how to throw a killer party? We got you covered with some essentials.


It’s a little challenging to toast to a happy birthday without some necessary cheerful spirits. Imagine all of the fun drinks that will be crafted to help this birthday celebration: classic Crown and Coke, pineapple and rum, vodka and cranberry… the options for your drink menu are endless!

Make a run to your favorite spirits store to fulfill your guests’ thirst for a nice alcoholic beverage. If you’re unsure of which type of liqueur or alcohol to purchase, it’s always a safe bet to start with tequila, gin, whiskey, or bourbon. Another convenient way is to pick up a few bottles of wine (you can ask the clerk at the wine store or liquor store for their recommendation).

Although we all know how good of a time alcohol can be, it’s essential that you’re providing a safe space for all of your guests. For the drinkers, be sure that your guests are drinking responsibly and aren’t putting themselves or others in danger. For the non-drinkers, be sure to offer alternative drinks, such as lemonade or mock-tails, to remain inclusive.

Plenty of Water

Speaking of drinking… let’s not get too carried away. Before you fill up your coolers with mixed beverages and beers, it’s a pretty good idea to first get hydrated.

Keep your guests nice and hydrated by providing an abundance of water. Worried about stocking up on great-tasting water? An excellent water delivery service to turn to is Sparkletts. Sparkletts offers water delivery, available in a variety of water options (such as Mountain Valley Spring Water, Crystal Springs, Poland Spring, and other credible water quality brands). Whether you’re looking to get plastic bottles or gallons of great-tasting water, Sparkletts will provide home delivery to you. A water jug delivery is the one factor you never knew you needed for your exciting birthday celebration!

Karaoke Machine

With a karaoke machine, your birthday celebration will definitely be loud, lovely, and full of laughs. Karaoke is a fun activity to participate in. Whether you’re belting out the notes like it’s an American Idol audition or you’re just nodding along to the tunes, music has a way of bringing people together. It also has a way of turning a party from a snooze-fest to a blown-up celebration.

You can either have your karaoke machine available throughout the entirety of the party, or you can section out a special period of time for “performances.” If you really want to up the ante, you can even host a quick karaoke contest and grant the winners a small prize.

Impromptu Fashion Show

We know, we know. You’re probably thinking, “Why would I want to host a fashion show during my birthday party?” Simple answer: it’s fun to show off outfits!

When guests prepare for a party, they like to look their best. This is especially true if there’s a curated theme for the night. A great way to add some jazz to your birthday celebration is to encourage your guests to come in their best outfits to participate in a small but sweet fashion show. Not only is this a fun way for your guests to get creative for your party, but it can also be offered as an incentive: whoever has the best outfit or runaway walk can win a small prize. Friendly competition is always healthy to have, even if it’s during a party!