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Crime Scene Cleanup in Denver

Each mile contains 5,280 feet. Since Denver’s precisely 5,280 feet above sea level, it’s known as the Mile High City. It’s the state capital of Colorado and typically enjoys 300 days of sunshine each year.

Denver’s population of 749,103 means only 18 cities in the United States with a larger population. Many people are attracted to the mountains and countryside in Colorado, and Denver offers easy access to the Rocky Mountains, making it a popular landing point for tourists heading to ski resorts in the winter. Annual residents enjoy the best the winter and summer seasons have to offer, but they also live with a high crime rate, which is why every resident should know about crime scene cleanup in the Mile High City.

How bad is crime in Denver?


When you ask people which cities in America they associate with crime, there’s a good chance they’ll mention Detroit, Baltimore, or Chicago. Those cities are known for high homicide rates and other common crimes.

Denver’s crime rate is on the rise. The Denver Post reported that in 2020, Denver’s murder rate rose by 50 percent. Crime rates are trending upwards in multiple categories in 2021. Property crimes have risen by over 37 percent, serious assaults have increased by 13.9 percent, car thefts have jumped by over 86 percent, and there’s been a 21.2 percent increase in burglaries in 2021.

What happens when a crime’s committed?


When a crime’s committed, law enforcement officers must attend the scene. Police officers cordon off a designated area around the crime scene to prevent people from contaminating evidence. Their job involves assessing the scene, interviewing witnesses, and ensuring experts collect evidence from the crime scene. Evidence collection could involve taking photographs, dusting for fingerprints, and collecting hair, blood, tissue, fibers, and other materials.

How can you put your home back together after a criminal investigation?

Once the local authorities release the scene, property owners must deal with the crime scene cleanup. Law enforcement officials won’t sweep up broken glass or remove all the bodily fluids, and most homeowners aren’t equipped to perform professional crime scene cleanup themselves.

Turn to a company that provides professional crime scene cleanup in Denver for your crime scene cleanup services. Professional crime scene cleaners know how to remove biohazards, such as bodily fluids. They can eliminate decomposition from suicide or homicide. Professional cleaners also remove all traces of the criminal investigation, such as fingerprint dust. Work with a company accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to ensure you receive optimal remediation services featuring the best practices in the industry.

Who’s responsible for the cost of cleanup?


Whether homeowners need professional death cleaning, blood cleaning, or suicide cleanup, they’re responsible for the bill. Most homeowner insurance companies provide coverage for crime scene cleanup. Consult your insurance company to clarify what’s covered by your policy and how to handle payment.

You may be required to pay cleanup costs upfront and reimburse you for the costs. It’s also possible to find a crime scene cleanup company that can bill your insurance for their portion of the costs, letting you pay only the deductible costs. After a traumatic event, the last thing you want to worry about is living in a distressed property that professionals haven’t cleaned, and thanks to homeowners insurance, you shouldn’t have to.

What’s the long-term impact of criminal activity?


Criminal activity impacts society in several ways. Taxpayers may face property tax increases to cover the cost of hiring more law enforcement officers to address crime. Homeowners may pay more for homeowners and automobile insurance due to rising crime rates. In communities where people once left their doors unlocked, residents may be forced to install home security systems to protect their families and their property.

The need for crime scene cleanup in Denver is commonplace due to the rising crime rates. Expert crime scene cleaners eliminate biohazards and other waste from crime scenes. They also remove materials used during the criminal investigation, such as fingerprint dust.